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October 12, 2004

Flu Vaccine Update

Due to the recent announcement of the upcoming flu vaccine shortage (which looks to be worse than we experienced last year), we wanted our patients to be aware of the following changes in flu vaccine recommendations from the CDC. Also, if your child has already received one flu vaccine and is due for another one, we may or may not be able to give it to them depending on risk factors and supply of vaccine.

Vaccine is only recommended for the following patients (due to the newly announced flu vaccine shortage):

- babies and toddlers ages 6-23 months
- people 65 or older
- anyone with a chronic condition such as heart or lung disease
- pregnant women
- nursing home residents
- children on aspirin therapy
- health care workers who care for high-risk groups
- anyone who cares for or lives with babies younger than 6 months.

We are still awaiting our supply of Flumist (nasal spray flu vaccine) to arrive. We have been told by the company that we should receive it in about 1 week.

Thank You,
Dr. Jerry Freed, Dr. Brian Raley, Dr. John Knippers, Dr. Dawn Mayberry
South Tulsa Pediatrics

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