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The following handouts are the handouts that you will receive with each Well Child Check that your child has under the age of 5 years old.

Our Recommended Schedule for when your child should be seen in our office for Well Child Care is as follows (please see the individual handouts attached at the bottome of the page for information on what to expect at each visit including immunizations):

Overall View of Health Maintenance Plan:
Health Maintenance Plan

We like to perform well child checks every year after the age of 5 years to continue to monitor growth and development.

Usually most immunizations are completed by this time except for a Tetanus booster which is usually done at the 11 year old check up. Then we also offer Menactra, a meningitis vaccine. We also offer Gardasil (vaccine to prevent HPV which can cause cervical cancer) to females 11 years of age and older.

Optional Vaccinations are:

A. Flu Vaccine—we recommend that all eligible children (those over 6 months of age) receive the flu vaccine. We offer two types of flu vaccine:
1. Injectable flu vaccine for children any age over 6 months.
2. Intranasal (nasal spray) FluMist vaccine for people 2-50 years of age without risk factors for problems (for example asthma, etc.)

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