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In our facility, we offer the following services in addition to our regular pediatric care:

- X-Ray
- Basic X-Ray services are done in our office, developed and read by our physicians first, then may be read by a radiologist.
o For more detailed studies and C.T. Scan/MRI/Ultrasound, etc. we use a variety of other facilities based on where the insurance plan allows the service.

- Some insurance plans are now charging the patient an X-Ray co-payment in addition to your office visit co-payment. Please refer to your insurance company for details.

-We are able to collect most laboratory specimens in our facility. Rarely, insurance contracts require that you use a different lab to collect the specimen.

- Specific Lab tests we can do in our office are:

- Rapid Strep
- Rapid Flu
- Monospot
- Urinalysis
- Complete Blood Count

If we cannot perform the lab test in our office, we use one of 3 reference laboratories (specific one depending on the patientís insurance)

- St. Francis Outpatient Lab
- Regional Medical Lab
- Diagnostic Laboratory of Oklahoma
- Other Diagnostic Tests
- Spirometry

We also offer Spirometry Testing in our office for our Asthmatic patients or patients with other respiratory problems needing further investigation.

- Vision Screening
- Vision Screening is typically done with certain well child checks in our office, or if visual symptoms dictate the need for an additional test.

- Hearing Screening

- Routing Hearing Screening is also typically done at certain well child checks. However, if the need arises, we can perform audiometry testing and tympanograms on patients that may benefit from this information.

- Vaccinations

-We offer all currently available pediatric vaccines recommend/required by the American Academy of Pediatrics, State Governments, and school systems.

- Insurance coverage for vaccinations varies per individual insurance plan; please refer to your plan for details.

- We also offer flu vaccinations in our office including injectable vaccine and the new FluMist nasal spray flu vaccine.

- Please stay tuned to our website for further information on when we will begin administering Flu Vaccine in our office it is usually sometime in Late September or Early October.

- Various other treatments
- Oral Medications
-Dosed on an as needed and available basis in our office
- Injectable medications
- Dosed on an as needed and available basis in our office
- Nebulizer Treatments
- We can administer most common asthma/respiratory nebulized treatments in our office.
- IV Fluids
- Depending on the condition of each patient, we may be able to administer IV fluids for the treatment of dehydration in our office.

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